Have they changed CC templates

SO may story was working but now it’s not!
have they changed they body colours, eye shapes ect.
(it did work the last time I tested it altough it has been about a month or so)

Episode updated the limelight skin tones and changed all their names (along with adding new colors): New Skin Tones and Updated Search. So now the old names no longer work.

They added templates on the side of the script, but they are missing a bunch of stuff like some of the eyes, lips, and other features.

I have updated ALL of my limelight templates with every single one of the skin tone names, and they also contain ALL of the features, so all eyes, lips, etc. are all there: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

Why can’t they just make a template like they already had in INK.

Ps YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!! :slight_smile:

bte do you know if there is an easier way to let the reader choose gender and love interest without posting 3 stories :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise i’ll end up with
story : boy and girl
story boy and boy
story girl and girl

(I know about using if and else)