Have We Met in Real Life? 😮

Okay so I had this very random thought: What we have actually seen some people who are in the forum in real life but we didn’t know that we “virtually knew them” so we just walked away like we didn’t know them…

Me: (Walking in a supermarket).
Me: (Sees someone I know from the forums blocking my path but I don’t know that’s it them).
Me: Excuse me but can you please move a bit so that I can reach that candy bag?
Forum Friend: Yeah sure, sorry bout that.
(Both of us then proceeds to walk away in opposite directions. The end).

See what I mean?..


I’m pretty sure if I met someone in RL that was on the forums, I would either

a) avoid them
b) deny
c) understand they might not want to talk to me either


Yeah true, also I feel like I’m not in public saying “what if they are on the forum?” You know?


I still think it would be pretty funny though


And we’ll have to adress each other using our forum names.


Observe again:

Me: Hey I’m (insert real name)
Forum Friend: Who the heck are you even talking about?
Me: (rolls eyes) I’m (insert forum name)
Forum Friend: Oh I know you.

Okay so it won’t be that dramatic but you know what I mean :joy:


That would be pretty freaky, and would most likely happen and not even be memorable if you don’t already know how each other looks. The chance someone on the forums have seen me irl is weird to think about.

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True but that’s why I find the thought so wierd. It’s like you just walk past each other like total strangers when you could be their best friend online. Oh the irony :anguished:



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Dang I can honestly see that happening since I’m a awko taco irl :joy:

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Some of my friends on Episode that I have are from different countries…I don’t think I could fly all the way just to bump into them XD and yeah, I usually don’t think that people I do happen to come across could be on the forums. I’m busy of thinking about other stuff…tbh, I’m kinda shy when it comes to real life, but on the internet, I’m a brave badass lol

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