Have you been bullied and have you stood up to a bully?

Possible trigger warning :warning:

Share your bullying story and how you dealt with it:

My story (cut short now)
I was sexually bullied and verbally bullied at school I reported it once or twice but it didn’t work.

One day a girl who was bullying me just took it one step to far, I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. This was just a reaction out of anger and I didn’t even know what I had done until she slapped me and a teacher was called over. I was asked to apologise which I refused and when I was told that this would be reported I stood my ground and said that she could report it I didn’t care as by apologising I would be backing down and she would think she had won.

This somewhat stopped the bullying however she still bullied me when she was with her friends, just not on her own.

As for the sexual bullying I found this extremely hard to cope with and after a few months of it continuing to happen I eventually spoke out and said it had taken me so long to tell anyone, but I’m not coping well with it. And telling someone about it felt amazing, I felt so much better for getting it out my system. And it must have been dealt with as after that they just left me alone.

I guess what I’m saying is never stand for bullying, try to keep your head held high and don’t let them see that it’s getting you down report it and if you have to report more than once make it clear that this isn’t the first time you have reported it.

You are not being a tattletale, someone is making you miserable and it’s not ok.


Edit just realised how long this is :joy: let me edit it a bit


You can be proud of yourself, I admire people like you ! :wink:


Well done for standing up for yourself, it takes courage. I hope those means kids learned a lesson, probably not though, hardly any sense can enter a kid like thats thick skull :unamused::roll_eyes:
I’ve been bullied before but not as extreme as you. This boy keeps belittling me. I’m a huge fan of art and whenever he walks past he insults my work and swears at me. He told me to draw him, and I did but as a round stick-man (He had a problem with his weight in the past and I only remembered this after I drew it.) And that really set him off, he called me ugly and other mean things then insulted my art again. He’s also embarrassed me in front of my friends, almost ruining an actual friendship. It’s kind of pathetic really. And did I mention he’s highly self-centered. And a very good friend of mine is good friends with him, I don’t even know why and it slightly hurts…There are a few other annoying people in my school that butcher my name or push me around. It happens, I stood up for myself so the other two annoying ones have now left me alone. Speaking up for yourself really helps.


Yes, I’ve been bullied before. I don’t like talking about it that much, but I had to move schools because it got so bad.


Yeah. At my primary school. I was (tw):sexually assaulted by an older kid. I was bullied from 6 years old to 11. Verbally abused at home for a bit, but my parents didn’t realise they were going too far. After 11, I went to secondary school, but the bullying already had its effect on me. I never stood up to them or told anyone but my parents. My parents yelled at me, so :woman_shrugging:t2:


Not as severe as others on here but yeah.
From elemntary to college(by teachers to) ha…though dont know what story to tell.
Standing up for urself is bullshit it doesnt help at least not for me.
Being bullied didnt “build my character”
it didnt make me “stronger”
it didnt make me tap into some “fire” where i beat up the bullies and they left me alone.

Theres no story of mine i can share that doesnt feel…not stupid.(compared to other ppls on here and soon to come)


I’ve been bullied by my “Best friend”.So here’s my story:
3 years ago, I went to another country and left all my friends behind. When I came back to the same country where all my childhood friends where 2 years later, I met new people that transferred to my school while I was gone. And one of the new persons I met joined my group of friends. She was really nice at the begining. We really bonded. 3 weeks passed by ad we became besties. She even got me a necklace similar to hers saying “BFF’s forever”. I thought she was special. But as time passed by, she started acting different. When we were alone, she would treat me well and we would laugh together and do lots of things like in the begining of our friendship, but when we were with our friends, she would make fun of my weight and even phisically abuse me like throwing stuff at my face and pushing me. My other friends even started doing the same! And I did nothing. I would laugh with them and when it was over, I’d forgive and forgeth. I cried many times because of her. She was the source of the bullying. She did’t do much to my body but her words… they just hurt me a lot. And one day, I finally stood up for myself. I told her and the others that did te same that I did’t like the way they treated me and I stopped being their friend. We didn’t talk for months but they eventually apologised and we became friends again. But I still do’t trust her and the others like I did before. I don’t thik I ever will, even though nothing more happened.

Sorry for the big text guys :sweat_smile:

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It’s good you stood up to your bullies and told what was happening with the other bullying.

As for my own personal experiences, I remember constantly being teased in 6th grade. My way of standing up to them was yelling at my bullies, crying, and proceeding to have mental breakdown in front of everybody. Really wish Id copied you and pushed them into a wall or something but…what can you do.


I was bullied in elementary school year 1-5. The kids didn’t like me because of my race. And as for middle school, I was bullied there too, but I was also sexually assaulted when I was 13. My family basically said stand up to them (which I did in my third-fourth year), but I can’t stand up to you-know-who. He’s gone now.

If any of these things are happening, don’t hold it in, tell someone. :heart:

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I was bullied continuously for my short height and young age (I was three years old when they were as old as six or seven!) when I was in Nursery till 2nd grade.

It got worse because I couldn’t stand up to them, fearing I would be suspended or expelled from school or something as the leader bully was the Vice Principal’s kid.

I was pushed “accidentally” down, verbally & physically harassed, trolled down a lot, mentally abused and a lot of that.

It was only when I changed schools in the 3rd grade to an all-girls missionary school (the strictest school I have ever experienced in my life, lol) did I have the contentment to breathe and look forward to enjoy life.

In that school, each and every student was well-behaved. Not that every one of them were friendly, but yes, most of them were disciplined and not that much vocal (but at the least, they weren’t rowdy like the kids from my earlier school :roll_eyes:).

Since then, I have been encouraging other people to come out and raise their voice if they are being bullied, harassed, assaulted etc. Many of my friends and other peers have helped me in this endeavour (and I thank them!)

My Message To Bullies:
If you are reading this, I want you to know – you KNOW that you’re bullying someone. STOP it at once. You never know how your actions may lead to that (bullied) person’s life to be endangered, perhaps he/she may even lose their life. Bullying is not good, never has been.
If you have been previously bullied, that doesn’t give you a free pass to be a bully yourself also! Be the bigger person and take the high road. Instead of bullying others, help other bullied people come out and raise their voice! Be the change! Who knows you might save someone’s life one day?

My Message To The Bullied:
I know you are bullied. I have been, too. But, things can’t be changed unless you raise your voice. Inform your parents, your friends, your teachers, your peers… hell, even go to or call the nearest Bullying organization!
You know bullying isn’t right. You matter! Don’t hold or suppress your voice in, let it out!


I love you.

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Aw, I love you too, Faith! :hugs::yellow_heart:

Seriously though, I read your earlier comment here. You are brave, strong and resilient to go through something like that and still look forward to life! Never shy away to show your true self :grinning:

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Aww. I’ll be honest, it’s been hard at times. But having my loved ones and goals to accomplish, hobbies, things I love, and even the smallest things. They keep me going. :yellow_heart:

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Not much of a story.
Was bullied. Sort of. At school, also at some point at college. The thing here is that if you suck it up, it gets worse. I saw it happening with some kids. I was an aggressive kid xD Not like picking up fights, but a big mouth problem. So whatever there was about to start - ended fast. Same at college.
Stand up for yourself and show that you aren’t okay with this shit. It won’t get worse. But if you will keep silent, it will get very ugly probably.

Doesnt work all the time(if at all)

Nothing works all the time. And at all - it works. Speaking from experience. Not only my.

Well in junior high people would always pick on me because i was really tiny for my age…but after a while i didn’t have to worry about it because I would just beat their a$$es when I had enough of it :joy: violence isnt the answer tho, kiddoes


It is not, definitely. But I love giving that answer in these situations even if I know it is the wrong one.

I have only been bullied once like… for 3 days. Did not last long because not many people can keep bullying others with a broken nose and a cast on their arm :joy:

But remember:

This is the only topic I am hypocritical about.


Man I have too many to list even though I have mentioned most of the events that had happened to me on here or if I have messaged you privately about it.

But recently, I have stood up to a bully and that was that aunt who is horrible to me. She texted me if I wanted to go to her house to visit her but I instantly said no because I knew her in-laws were visiting and I can’t stand them because they have assaulted me in the past and they still threaten me with violence for not conforming to Islam and Bangladeshi culture. In the text message, I went beast mode saying that I am not falling for this trap because I knew she wanted me to be ridiculed by her nephews & nieces from her husband’s side and her mother-in-law…she stopped talking to me after I given her a taste of her own medicine…to be honest, I don’t really regret this because she had guilt tripped me multiple times by using her miscarriages as an excuse to why she’s such a piece of work. I find it stupid that she’s abusive to me and the aunt I am close with but she’s so lenient towards her nephews & nieces from her husband’s side…totally unfair!

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