Have you created a story on mobile?

I’m curious if you guys made a story on mobile while it was still available. If so, how would you describe it now? Did you think of publishing it?

I made one and it reached 20+ chapters and it was SO messy. Horrible dialogues, terrible directing, and the plot would always change every 5 chapters :sob:


I’m way beyond that era :joy: I don’t even know what did the HUD look like.

OMG I did and I regretted it. I only could manage to write 100-500 lines on mobile per episode. So, yes I had 20 episodes for a story that actually were worth it 5 episodes. And placing the spot was a horror!! :scream: Never ever again, if it should come back. :laughing:

Well, yeah. Back when the INK style was trending, you could write on mobile. I tried to do it too, for fun, but it was a major flop! :joy: I literally had characters appear from thin air and the dialogues and stuff? If I’m being honest, they were pure sh-t. I only did it for fun during the summer though, nothing serious :eyes:

I don’t even know what plot I had planned, I just made the characters go here and there for who knows what :sweat_smile: It was like, you could go between the scenes you made on the bottom, there was a list spread out horizontally. And you could resize characters by just zooming in and out. To edit the dialogues, you just had to click on the speech bubbles and write the desired text. That was a wild Era :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did it for fun, not to publish, haha. It was very messy, because there were not that much options :joy:

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I did create one, just for edits on-the-go though but I found the feature to be quite awful so I never once considered publishing from there. :joy:

I made plenty of mobile stories when that option was available, but I had no patience to actually stick with one, and just made multiple one chapter stories with horrible, cringey dialogue, bad spot directing, and no direction or plot. Dark times.

i tried to when i first started out, and i just couldn’t figure it out. i just ended up doing it on the PC portal LOL

I have but I’ve never published it because I didn’t know how to publish

Yes. And I cannot express how much fan mail I’ve got complaining about the story not having choices or the ability to dress your character.

The writing on the phone itself was very enjoyable since you don’t have to worry about the script and coding the scenes but the audience demand to give them choices and the dressing up game when it was never an option for Mobile Creation, made me lose all interest at that time. That’s why am now I’m continuing to write my story in the writers portal even though I hate coding.

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