Have you ever been in love with Episode character?


Have you ever been in love or had a crush on the Episode character?

Cuz boyyyy I have…


I have no interest on criminals. They’re scum.
However I did have someone say they had a crush on skeleton man from my story “Princess Dominique’s Adventure On Earth.”


I used to be obsessed with Caleb from Back & Forth :joy:


Lol :joy:


Thanks for your opinion!


Umm D U H! Who doesn’t? :joy: I have a couple of crushes on episode and I’m quite sad they’re not alive and they’re taken by my character or another character :slightly_frowning_face:. Having a crush on a fictional character is sooooo hard.


Lol I feel your pain…


Do you have an instagram?? Im’ma follow you.


No sorry lol
I don’t have Insta


Its fine! :wink:. Well it was nice seeing you here! See you around the forums!


I crushed on Damon from Read My Lips for a while. I have a soft spot for guys who are low key softies deepdown haha


Hahahah I’m more into crazy ones.:joy:




I LOVE Gideon from His Heart :heart_eyes: :hugs: he’s a sweetheart


Lol I’m more into crazy ones.


Yup, I’m in love with one of the main characters whose name is Devon Richardson from my story “Fame Or Love.”


Luca Romano from “Chain Reaction: Lost” stole my heart. There’s something about him. :smiley:


Lol there is nothing wrong with a little bit of obsession.


Trey is my bea.:hearts:


Fall/Alex from Speak