Have you ever been to a bookstore?

During the thanksgiving holidays, my family and I went to a book store and I saw a book that has 200 hundred songs. It was only $21

So if you haven’t been to a book store and you should? Plus also check out book a million for a cat tail toy or Harry Potter book.

You can ask me what song are in the book as well.


I have! I go monthly to one of the only ones we have in town. Me and my best friend meet up and one of us always buys coffee or a book! We call it our “place” because that’s really the only place we can meet up :woman_shrugging:


Nice, where I go usually it near the mall or sometimes at the beach during vacation.

Plus I just got back from the beach on December 12-1-19 and it was windy.

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Ooh, sounds like fun! It’s been snowy here so it’s the perfect time to heavily pick up my reading. I usually go to the Barnes & Noble not too far from my house :woman_shrugging: easier that way.

Awesome, I always check banes and noble website for story and cd.

Luckily, I didn’t get a good night sleep during vacation since my dad snore all night.

Good night :crescent_moon::zzz:

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I live really close to Powell’s (claims to be the largest independently owned book store- which I believe because one location takes up a whole block) which is a fun place to wander around even if you don’t find anything. They have a front section of new stuff but most of it is used books, there are multiple floors, it’s amazing.

Yes! I love bookstores so much- it was a decently long trip, but I’ve been to Barnes & Noble and I love the feeling in there. There’s people drinking coffee and reading books, endless shelves of varying literature… I love the feeling that I get from bookstores, and I love reading- so I’m generally all over the place when looking around.

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Yes, I’ve been to the bookstore, I read stories there :joy: I used to read stories at the library and I was even able check them out but sadly my library card was stolen (along with a bunch of personal information). First time, it’s free to make one, second time cost money. I decided to leave it as it’s too much work to keep track of books I take home. Reading at a bookstore is fun. I’m just bummed it’s pretty far from my home but they have these chairs you can sit on in the store as well as a table where you can place a stack of books you’re going to read.


I love going to book stores! I recently purchased a book for $12



Yep, tons of books.

Cool. I just got a jumbo song book and it has 200 songs for all occasions. It costs $21.

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I visit a bookstore every week.
And I always buy a book because reading is my thing

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I’ve been to the bookstore many times for as long as I remember as a kid.

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Nice, I did see a another book I want to buy for Christmas. It has songs from 100 composers.

Luckily, I can sight read music note.

I’ve been to bookstores a lot. Most of my books are from there or are ordered from their websites. The more well known bookstores where I live is Chapters Coles and Indigo.

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Cool. :sunglasses:

Have any of you read this book .


Yeah, actually, it’s been awhile though I think I read it in like 3rd grade.