Have you ever felt embarrassed about playing “girl games”?

It’s no secret that the target audience for “Episode” is mostly girls and women. The female protagonists in 99% of the stories demonstrate that assumption. For some reason, games that are known to be “feminine” are often made fun of, especially by the rest of the video game community.

I just started a Youtube channel on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ySYHReyBuo I’m so sorry for the shameless self-promo, but it’s for science and I would LOVE to have this community’s opinion. I have been writing Episode stories for 3 years now, and you guys are the very reason why I started this channel. You would make my day if you liked/subscribed! :open_mouth:

For research for a future video, I would love to know what you think. Have you ever tried to hide your phone in public while you were on Episode out of fear that someone would make fun of you?

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m so guilty but yes, i try to hide, if that means I need to work somewhere else, I’ll pick the computer that’s the furthest or something, it’s not that I’m ashamed of being on Episode, I guess, it’s just that I don’t want people knowing I go on the app out of fear they may be freaked out perhaps. I mean I even prefer to stay anonymous online :see_no_evil:


NO, I’ve never been made fun of for playing girl games. LOL.

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Yeah, I’ve been ashamed while playing them, but it’s because they’re for little kids, not my age group.
I’m 16.


I’m a girl, why be ashamed of playing a GIRL GAME?! BRUH.


as a girl who plays a lot of so call boys games. do what makes you happy and dont care about what others think


@ladyaregirls Why do you think they are considered to be “for little kids” though? I’m 24 and I love them!


Of course not.

I mean yeah, people tease me for reading episode, but idgaf. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about :grin:


I have absolutely hidden my phone screen while playing Episode in public out of fear someone would look at me funny

Not because it’s a “girl game” (it could be a game for all if Episode would bother to widen their target audience but noooooo), but because of the embarrassment the app has become and it’s reputation.

I actually never go on the app in public anymore because of the crippling shame.


Yep, lol.

But I agree with @XxAlphaBetaxX

I even agree with her blurred comment. My bf thought it was lame when I first told him what I was doing, but once I showed him he thought it was really cool - like the coding side of it. Some of the story lines he hears of are a bit… uhhh… :unamused:


Imma be honest sometimes I don’t like to play episode in public or around family members :grimacing: I mean it’s good at times but some titles and covers are so questionable I be a little weird about playing in public



But my mom hates me playing “boy games” like Skyrim :joy::joy::joy: She would pay 50 bucks for a dress up game!!!

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I’ve been bullied a lot at school for playing Episode so I just try and hide my phone at school when it’s over it before. You eventually get used to the constant comments people make about you. :skull:

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Yes. :yellow_heart::sparkling_heart::gift_heart::blue_heart:

I play it only when I’m home ! :joy:

Mhm, I have loads. Not just because of the reason you told us but also becuase most people who haven’t actually played it yet think the app is weird and sexual especially of the way Episode advertises the app. My friends think it’s a very weird app.

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This is me 100%. I don’t care if it’s a girl game, but I don’t want other people to see how I make choices about hooking up with cartoon characters lol. I’m always very bored when I have to use the public transport, so I used to play Episode on the bus, on the metro etc. I still tried to hide my phone screen, of course but I will never do it again, because once my colleague appeared from nowhere with a ‘hi’ while I was reading, and to say that I was embarassed would be an understatement. I totally freaked out!


Just imagine someone seeing you playing one day and hit you with the question “Are you a schediaphiliac???”

I would have significantly less shame if they didn’t advertise themselves like this

I don’t even know if this is a real ad, but I feel deep in my soul Episode actually made this weird shit.

Even if it isn’t real, Episode has some raunchy ads out there and those ads are probably what a person immediately thinks of when they see anything Episode related. Just imagine what they think of the person that actually has the app.