Have you ever felt this?


Hi guys.
I’ve just had a long period of not writing (10 days, thereabouts) and I just wanted to know whether any of you have had anything like that. Not writer’s block, but simply a lack of energy.


I do lol


What do you do when you realize you’ve had that kinda long period?


I think I’m asking simply because I feel a little bit guilty about it.


This has been me for the past 2 weeks or so as well. Though I’ve been busy IRL for a little bit but now I’m finding it hard to get back into the writing groove. I’ve been putting on some music and sitting in front of my computer for 1-2 hours every night trying to get a little writing done. I usually manage 100-200 lines but that’s nothing compared to the amount I’ve been knocking out in the past. I’m just kind of waiting for the inspiration to hit :woman_shrugging:


And I definitely feel guilty about it. I was on a roll of updating once a week for the past 4 months and now It’s like I just lost it :confounded:.


That’s kinda how I feel. How do you handle that feeling?


I’ve been getting a ton of amazing fanmail lately so reading them always helps. Reminds me that there are people out there excited to see what happens next, I feel it helps me a lot. I’ve been finding a time when I’m least likely to be interrupted and just sitting down and writing a little. Sometimes once I get going I get more into it and get a lot done. If it’s not working though I usually stop and try not to push it.

Sometimes rereading some of my older episodes helps, there’s a few I loved writing so much. I guess I’m trying to recapture that feeling :joy::joy:. I’m almost done with the next episode though so I guess it’s working for me.


Man, I wish I had fanmail :laughing:


It’s only started these past 2 weeks too. Like boom out of nowhere tons of reads! :scream: I’m still shocked tbh lol.


Understandably :laughing:


But I think the question is: should I feel guilty about it?


Should you? :thinking: No.

Even though some readers think that authors are writing machines it’s not true lol. We all have lives to live, family, school, work, friends or whatever else we have going on. Its better to take your time and write with motivation and drive than to write because you feel like you have to. We always want to put the best content out there and rushing can lessen the quality of writing. Episode isn’t the same as books but think of the years authors put into writing 1 book. Trying to keep a story updated a couple times a month (more or less) can be exhausting. So take your time and try to find that motivation.

I’ve heard people say they are motivated by music, TV shows/movies or even just people watching. Its hard to know what will spark that motivation.


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Oh, ok thanks :grin:


Yes I have - I am going through it now and I have gone through it before. Like I sit down ready to write but I cannot bring myself to write more than a few lines -_-


I get that all the time. I usually let myself take a break for a few days or weeks, since I write for fun and not money or anything like that, then get back to writing when I have more energy. Sometimes I’ll listen to one of my writing playlists to get back my enthusiasm for a story. Just know that this will pass.


No! You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. It’s totally okay to lose motivation for a while. I know what you’re going through too. What motivates me (might not work for you) is planning out my story, all the things like the villain’s backstory, their motivation, or the mc’s motivation to catch the villain, how I can get sympathy for the characters, etc. I also love filling out those RP sign up forms for my characters (they usually consist of name, age, bio, personality, gender, sexuality, and an anything else section). I like doing all of this because it gets me excited for writing my story, and usually that lets me start writing. It differs for everyone though, you’ll just have to experiment with stuff until you find something that gets you motivated.


That is basically my life in one sentence.


OMG yes I do ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!!! For starters, it is hard for me to find any time to write… But, I feel like when I do have time, I just simply don’t want to… Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because being an Episode author takes A LOT of work!!!