Have you ever felt this?


When I feel like I’m working, but then realize that I barely wrote down two lines of dialogue.


Yessss :joy::joy:


Omg why is this me at when I was doing my uni coursework? :sob:


What’s that?


Haha at university I had an assignment to do - I needed to write a lab report


Wow, this exploded pretty quickly… :no_mouth:. Thanks for the support guys :relaxed:. I’m a new author here (first story, first episode) so I guess all this is pretty new to me :slight_smile:


Its hard to write sometimes. I always try to ride those waves of motivation and write as much as I can when it hits me :grin:


Thank you for that :slight_smile:. Always helps to know that I’m not alone and it’s natural to feel this way :smirk:


Good old-fashioned motivational burnout. Daytime TV and cardio usually helps me get past it in about 3-4 days.


Yeah, that’s me ATM because work is busy with end of financial year and even though I want to write, I’m just too tired at the end of the day


I’ve had the the exact same thing happen to me but what’s worse is that sometimes I work on a episode for like 14 days straight then I delete all of it because I’m not happy with it AND then I loose motivation


GIRL you got this you a bad bitch OKURRRRT


I don’t know how to express this in any other way than thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!! :grin::grin::sweat_smile::blush::sob:


    July 5

Welcome to the world of an episode author, where one minute you feel like the greatest writer in the world, smashing out great material and feeling like you’ll never get enough of writing your story, then the next minute you’re exhausted and can’t write a single line worthy of any reader and can’t relax because you feel the pressure to write due to the guilt of making your readers wait longer for your next update.

The more you stress, the more you won’t get your energy back, so you need to take a break for as long as it takes and no you shouldn’t feel guilty about it but let’s be honest you probably still will to some extent. Stop writing and go do other things that you enjoy or something you can be productive at so you don’t feel useless. I had a few months break from writing on here before I was ready to come back and continue, and it felt really good when I did come back feeling fresh and well rested. Now that I’ve started another story, that I was really excited about, I’ve hit a wall again after a month, so I’ve made the decision that I’m not going to feel guilty about not writing. If the energy or motivation isn’t there, I can’t force it, so sometimes I just need to wait until it comes back, no matter how long it takes. My readers deserve my best work and I know they’ll wait for it because they wouldn’t want to read anything less than my best.

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There is nothing more accurate than that!!! :joy::joy::joy: