Have you ever flagged a post 🤔

So majority of us myself included hate flagging!!! Especially when it’s unnecessary like it is most of the time…

However I wondered how many of us have flagged before and why?

So I will hold my hand up and say that yes I have flagged before but unlike a lot of posts this one I felt deserved a flag as it was basically just a hate post (bullying)

I wondered if anyone else who hate the people who flag for no reason has actually had the need to flag before?


I hate people just flagging random things when they don’t need to and I don’t flag unless it’s absolutely necessary. So I haven’t flagged before. :smiley:


I have only flagged once because this person was advertising a tik tok about weight loss in an feature request. :woman_shrugging: In my opinion it was valid. But I have been flagged for multiple reasons that were stupid so I think we need a system that requires proof of what violation it violated because then less people will flag for fun.


I did flag one post once. The person was doing commission art but the art wasn’t theirs. She only had one that I think was hers, but it was both traced and copied, with no credit for the original one.


I’ve flagged 2 threads and around 2-3 posts. My reasons were because some of them became heated arguments and were no longer civil and productive, others were just plain hate and insults, so obviously they broke guidelines.


No and neither a reply but I hate the way that people flag you just because you were saying opinion on something. It’s really rude and unnecessary and you can always say to person you agree and disagree, and share your opinion too.


Yes, I’ve flagged a couple of post mostly on the wishlist where people just put list of things they want without reading the OP about items needing to be free and already made.
Also have flagged post that are abusive, spamming and just being a$$hole trolls.


I’ve flagged posts where people are just plain rude and go overboard with hate and all that sort of thing. :confused:


Yes, but I don’t do it very often.

Once I flagged someone who joined the forums just to troll and break numerous rules along the way (I believe this user got suspended). They were going around spamming threads with things like “your profile pic is offensive” and “that art is so ugly lol”

And then the other topic I flagged was a political thread, I believe it was a discussion about a certain former US president (needless to say, this thread got shut down pretty quickly)


I have never flagged a post and never had a post flagged.
Edit: nvm

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I didn’t flag any post till now lmao, i hope i don’t have to in the future, but i would flag a post if it’s promoting anything rude or disrespectful or triggering!


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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I flag topics and posts that spread hate, esp the racist ones :clown_face:


I’ve flagged a couple posts. But only because really offensive things were written that just don’t need to be seen. I usually only flag if slurs are thrown around or if blatantly racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, etc things are written.


I’ve flagged twice. Once was somebody saying something completely unrelated to the topic at hand. The second was someone saying something offensive.

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Nope. I have a knack for ignoring negative comments. I never give it any time not attention.

give me a reason to test my 120HZ refresh buttery screen scroll speed :joy::joy::wave:t5::wave:t5:


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When it comes to flagging posts, please review Our Forum Moderation Standards and Guidelines to learn more about what kinds of content are not appropriate for the forum and should be flagged.

I’m happy to say I’ve never flagged anyone

I’ve only flagged someone once for a similar reason that you did. I don’t understand people who consistently flag, cause I almost always forget that you can flag people on here lol. I think I’ve been flagged 4 or 5 times :thinking:

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flashbacks of the ten times I got flagged