Have you ever had any interesting conversations


I don’t know why I’m soooo bored, but this came to me because I just like got a call from Switzerland. So have any of y’all ever had any weird conversations, or heck even prank called? I’d love to hear y’all stories.


earlier this year I was called by this number, the starting digits were different so it was from the capital. It was this guy, some creep, asking me about Greg, my dad, and I was confused “Greg who? My dad? I ain’t got no dad!” and I went to my sister and she took over.

He asked about our address and we made up something fake af, and he asked about lives. Then he asked about our family and I already told him we had no dad (my stupid ass) and so my sister made up some bs about how we had five older brothers and she was married and we didn’t live with our dad cos he was in prison for mass murder

and then he hung up lol


:joy: oh my chocolate that’s so creepy yet the story y’all had was hilarious.


Hi I’m bored.


Hi bored I’m Chocolate Mama

I’m also super bored as well.



with you :joy::relaxed::rose:


:joy: wowwwwww hilarious.


more like true haha


A lot of my conversations are interesting.


Ouch that hurt


Why’s that :joy: I love having conversations.


:eyes: I see you Choco. :joy:


I see you to hon