Have you ever regretted reading a story?

Have you ever regretted reading a story? Have you read a story that’s so bad you keep on reading just to find out what happens next?

Story 1

I once read 30 episodes of this pregnancy story because my 10 year old ass was obsessed with them for some reason. I believed the author when she said the episode would get better and longer. They did not.

If I can recall, it featured: a girl who moves to LA, sleeps with a director and manages to get the main part in his movie all on the same day; a love hexagon between the pregnant MC and five potential baby daddies; a mean girl who literally murdered the MC’s sister over a guy and murdered a random passerby to frame the MC; the MC’s underage child growing up and ending up pregnant, with two potential baby daddies, and working as a stripper; MC pushing the mean girl off a cliff and never getting caught by the police; and there was even an episode where Taylor Swift ended up friends with the MC, which I’m pretty sure is against the guide lines.

Also almost every character was a stock character with no CC, including the MC, who was Sable (the one who looks like a middle aged woman, despite MC being in her 20s) with a different hair colour.

Worst of all, it somehow had millions of reads.

Story 2

I don’t remember this one as clearly, but I remember that I read several episodes of this classic story that had literal porn in it. The characters were legitimately grinding each other.


It was glitch, buggy, stupid, but I like that in stories.

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yes. and no I read a lot of stories in r4r there was really bad. I dont care to remember the names.

so many stories is that

Oh, I mean like 20 seconds long per episode.
Characters with blue skin called mommy.

I mean, I can speak decent english.
But just describing that story, makes me sound like a 3/yo kid on bathsalt.

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You have not seen that really really bad harry potter fanfic there was make some years ago. if you give me five minuts I could write a better story than that crime against the potter world


yesss there are so many stories that the story is nice but what the character does is so cringey that i have to get off and stop reading it until i can read it again because its just too cringey


Shamefully admit that sometimes I’ve read very controversial stories just to see what all the hype is about. There have also been stories I’ve read that I very much regretted doing so later for various reasons.


yes, the first chapter was customisation and the story had a lot of cringey things

Regretted reading a story? Yes.
As for continuing to read a bad story just to find out what’s next… well… I’m up to date with Love on Fire by Episode :new_moon_with_face:


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Yess! This one story seemed like it was written by a 5 year old. The plot was dramatic and messed up, it was something like where everyone was kissing, getting shot, hitting each other or cheating. It was so dramatic… The grammar and punctuaction was also horrible, I couldn’t even finish the first episode, it was that bad! :joy:


omg i have an image in my head :joy:



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Yep, I’ve regretted reading some stories. Those that are just bad as in how they were directed or glitchy, others that just have bad, nasty, very-detailed, adult content (that was basically porn :face_vomiting::roll_eyes:) that I read to see what happens next. Yea, a lot of that was when they had super simple guidelines like 3-4 years ago :woman_shrugging: And I was a super-duper young, hormonal preteen :joy: But I definitely wish I hadn’t played those Episodes, the thought of the nasty ones still make me cringe and feel gross :nauseated_face:

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Honestly, if I see one thing that bothers me I’ll probably leave. I’ve regretted reading really emotional stories though :no_mouth:

Oh my god yeah, it’s as if kids were writing them :joy:

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