Have you ever regretted reading a story?

I read some stories made by rude people before I know they are rude. I wish I could somehow unread them lmao


Same! There was this one author who’s story I enjoyed, so I followed her Instagram and she was literally so rude to her fans. Someone asked on her story: ‘Do you use an EA for your edits? I love your stories’ and she replied something like: ‘Why would you ask me that? It should be obvious that I don’t need to use an EA?’

You should never take your readers for granted, it’s so disgusting

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I regret reading stories from authors who have been mean to me afterwards or made posts attacking a member of a review group I run or ones who use me just for reads. After reviewing multiple stories from this one specific author on my thread, I regretted it big time because this author then started behaving very rudely to me, saying how I hated them and all that. The thing is I didn’t but they have caused me too much distress and snapped at me that liking them is nearly impossible. To this day, I don’t know why they have hostility towards me and I do regret spending so many hours into reviewing their works but luckily, it’s only 1 chapter I reviewed.


is it The Bet? I think there was a detailed description of the sex scene but didnt show, only details.

I don’t think so, it was a classic story from a few years ago, and the MC had black hair instead of blonde. It’s probably been taken down already, since it actually showed the characters naked and thrusting into each other.



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@JemU776 I have been there too. One day I review certain story and the plot was not bad but the directing were. half of the chapter the characters didn’t appear; also it was very weird because it jumped from one point to another… anyway, the thing is that I tolld the author those mistakes and I even offer help but she just refused to listen. She practically said to me that I was crazy and that her characters did appeared. Even though I send her Ss of the issue she made me send her a video and even with that she said: “They were there.” And I was like WTF!



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there was a story when a character was talking or was thinking, in every lines of dialogue the author putted a swearing.

Yeah, I’ve read stories that like… scarred me.

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I’m scared of 12 year old girls because of the stories I’ve read for fun- I can’t even remember being ten but I was definitely not writting boarderline porn with little to no build up. Literally first scene they meet and then talk about eating each other- :no_mouth: it’s concerning so I’m avoiding Children who knows what’s in their little heads…?

Yes. Some are just really bad with a ton of directing errors, spotting errors, grammar errors, spelling errors, and dialogue that makes me cringe. There’s also some that made me feel like reading it was a waste of time like stories that say they have LGBT LIs but they’re rarely there and you’re rarely given the chance to even spend time with them.

I’m gonna admit I read like 30 chapters of a story in which the directing, the grammar and the writing were all awful and somehow it still had millions of reads. The reason why I continued reading was that I found it very inappropriate for this app worst thing is I think this is why people are reading it and I wanted to find something that I can actually report :grimacing: And boy, after all the research I had to accept that it technically doesn’t break the guidelines. What a waste of time :tired_face:
Then there was another story that still makes me sick even if I think about it, but then again it’s still on the app and I can’t do anything, I just wish I could unsee it.


I spent like 20 passes on complicated because everyone liked it ;-; I couldn’t connect to the story it wasn’t my type but I really wanted to know why everyone love it so much

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Omg yes I’ve regretted reading so many stories. Most of whig were some weird pregnancy or gang stories. Example: Forbidden chemistry, where you literally get pregnant and then he becomes your teacher. But the good thing is if I’m not wrong you can choose to either keep the baby or not to keep it.

Also this story; Friends With Benefits, you have fwb with 3 different guys. And if I remember correctly it’s like at one point you’re in a hotel or something then you have sex with one of the guys and then after that you go to another guys room and then wow you just so happen to do it again. And I’m pretty sure you wasn’t able to choose if you wanna do it with all guys. Until right at the end you can choose which boy you want. I don’t know why I read 46 chapters of that story😭

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I read a story up to the half which was good. Then somehow everyone died and the MC would be mentally ill and that was so bad I thought to myself why I read something like that.

I only regret it if I get really invested and the story never finishes and gets abandoned. or if the ending is totally unsatisfactory.


Yes definitely.
I don’t continue reading bad stories unless it was bad on purpose. One story made fun of how they describe the LL. So she got a job and then the boss was supposedly handsome like a godly and when he stepped out.
He was a piece of bread

Woah wait. How long ago did you read the first one? Sounds wild @chinchilli