Have you ever thought about leaving?

hey lovess,

So, I don’t know if this would be personal for some of you but if so you don’t have to share. You can stalk this thread if people even end up seeing it but yeah!

Basically, this is a thread for you to share your experiences when you wanted to leave and how you just were like done with the forums or the whole episode app.

sorry this is unorganized :sweat_smile:



I was kinda done with the app when episode stories started becoming all cliche


Umm 20 times like this year - I had everything ready- closed my requests to leave sent most people a goodbye message.


Thinking of leaving now tbh.
The cliche/boring stories dont help either…plus eh…not to sound like “that guy” but pretty sure it wouldnt matter if i did x3
And the rudness of ppl on here sometimes is bothersome



I always leave and come back :joy:

I’ll leave for a good a year and go to wattpad to work on my descriptive side, then come back here to sort of work on my dialogue and visual side.

It helps Improve my writing over all, so I’ll never technically be “completely” done with Episode, even if I’m gone for centuries, there’s always the chance I’d come back to work on my writing skills.

Sometimes, I think of leaving the forums when I see people disrespecting others’ cultures.



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Not going to name who, but some people on the forums have been disrespectful of others and the way they like to be treated. I’ve seen people insult other cultures and act like it’s no big deal, but it is.


Yup. Me too. I’ve also seen problematic authors on here, but… I won’t say who.


Once somebody told my friend “you don’t look muslim.”

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That’s so stupid.


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Yeah. I was thinking “what the heck? You can’t look like a religion!”

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I get that a lot.

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I always leave for like months and then come back :joy: what about you? :full_moon_with_face:

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I have never fully left, but I simply stalked the forums for months before actually posting.


Yes, I sometimes think that there are better ways to watch stories and I’m wasting time with Episode. But, when I’m in the mood to read some of my favorite stories, I go back on. This time I’m here because I had a story idea and wanted to try writing and need a pretext to practice drawing backgrounds again.

I barely go on the episode app anymore, unless I’m really really bored or my favorite stories update.
I sometimes feel like leaving the forum/everything episode related because I just don’t feel like doing anything here. Or I just want to leave everything and go hide in the conner because of stress in life.
Some off topic stuff :point_down:
After I join the forum it helped me to not think about negative stuff all the time and to believe that there are other people like me, that I’m not worthless. Then I start doing art(or edits), it helped me relax and worry less about stuff. But now I have lots of requests and it kinda give me stress about not finishing in time and/or disappointing the requester because I didn’t try my best.

I don’t think I will leave the episode community, but I’ll probably just finished the requests and take a break. Then I’ll probably stay but I won’t be as active.

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There were these times I kinda thought like maybe this forums isn’t the place for me. But it was always so short, that before I could act on these thoughts, I was reminded of my obsession to myself and I was like ‘Nah. I’ll just do what I want to do.’

There have been times I tried to leave too or take a break but I couldn’t. I have made so many awesome friends here, I don’t think its possible for me to not talk to them so at this point, absolutely nothing can convince me to leave the forums.

Plus, I don’t think it would be too far fetched if I said I have a decent amount of friends on forums! And they are all the best! [Especially my forum family! Love you guys!]


I love the forums and that’s why I haven’t left altogether. I’m so done with the episode app. It’s impossible to find any original stories with all the featured cliche stories.