Have you ever wondered... (Yes! No! Now I am!)



Yes, I have it. I could relate to that statement because then the world would be dry like my life lol.

Have you ever wondered how you could be feeling like your having the most funny in the world but your not because there are more fun things that you could do? Fun has no limit to the person.Imagination has no limit unless you thought of evrthing which is impossible.


YESS for some reason.
Have you ever wondered if people will forget you in 1000 years (they probably will :slightly_frowning_face:)?


…No, but now I am. :frowning:
Have you ever wondered about death?

How when you die you will never return.


Oh yeah. Gives me creeps!

Have u ever wondered if plants can actually feel and react to humans?


No but now i am

Have you ever wondered if we are in the matrix?


Yes. A lot.

Have you ever wondered if the Sims really control us but made a game to make it appear as if we control them???


Yes, many times.

Have you ever wondered if color blind people are actually the ones who see the world with the right colors?


No, because they see fewer colors than us but I think this is interesting

Have you ever wondered if the world actually does revolve around you and everyone is living in your life? Like the Trueman show, if you’ve seen that.



Have you ever wondered if you have a real doppelganger?


Dop·pel·gäng·er (noun)
An apparition or double of a living person.
Basically your twin.


Yes! I think there is this theory that at least one person in the world looks exactly like you at some point in time but idk

Have you ever wondered why the water level never rises in the toilet after peeing :joy::joy::speak_no_evil:?


Nooo… but maybe I am now. gives me da creeps

Have you ever wondered what death of old age feels like?


No, but I hope thats how I die!

have you ever wondered if animals have humor?


Yes, actually.
Have you wondered if the stereotypes of girls and boys were switched? Like, boys are supposed to wear pink and girls are supposed to be tough?


Yeah, I was listening to Little Game right now, what a coincidence.

Have you ever wondered if your friend spend time with you only because you pity them?


Lol, hope not…
Have you ever wondered if your ever gonna find your true love (soulmate)?


Lol yes. All the time.

Have u ever wondered how it would feel like to live in an Episode story and have people make choices for u?



Have you ever wondered if global warming is supposed to protect us from another ice age?



Have you ever wondered if your family’s lives would be better if you never existed?

(I’m not depressed or anything, I was watching this fantasy tv show)


Lol but yeah I have!

Have you ever wondered what we are in a video game?



Have you ever wondered why everyone loves the cringey bad boy gets me preggo then I meet a gang leader and they both turn good for me and I have to choose one stories?