Have You Gotten Your Mother's Day Gift Yet?!

Oh my gosh… so I just realized Mother’s Day is very soon! :heart: (I realized last week LOL)

Here are some ideas for gifts:

  • Write a meaningful letter (add illustrations if you’re feeling artsy)

  • Make a short film using iMovie of all the memories/videos that you and your mom share!

  • Try out a new recipe (sugar cookies, brownies, mug cakes!!)

For more ideas, check out this post of 25 incredible ideas!.


Yep, I have a gift for my mother and its a card. It’s a good thing I saved some cards while on lock down.

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OMG thank you for this reminder!

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I forgot Mother’s day even existed


I ask my mom like months in advance what she wants then I just pay for it.

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I forgot about Mother’s Day, ruh roh.

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Haha thanks for the reminder! Now to think of something she wants…

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My mum wants a 160 dollar kindle :sob: she making me, my sister and little brother pay 50 each.

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Yeah I think they are, mother day is in May for us


Well I am Danish its mothers day in may too here


Yes - that’s awesome! Did you make it? :slight_smile:

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Of course! Check out the post above for tons of ideas <3

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girl me too until a week ago!

What does she want this year? :slight_smile:

I’m Canadian actually! And that’s cool, that seems so early!

LOL me until a week ago -.- it’s okay though! There’s still time to grab a gift, check out the guide linked above!

Of course! <3 There are 25 ideas in the guide linked above if that’ll help you out :wink:

OH my!!

No, got it from the mall.

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May 10 for Canadians and Americans!