Have You Lost Space on Your Recommended Shelf? 🥺

OK, first of all not sure if I should put this in Episode fan community, where we can discuss about it or in Mobile App Bug since it’s a glitch but it affects people. Anyways, after some thinking over about this, I decided to put this thread in Mobile App Bug.

I talk about this on my Instagram account.

Basically, this is a repost from my IG:

Does anyone else suffer from this glitch?

If you don’t know if u have it, a quick way to check is to fill up your recommended shelf until Episode tells you cant anymore, then count. if the number is 30, that’s good, your perfect. If it’s 29, it means you lost 1 space. if its 28, you lost 2 spaces, if its 27, u lost 3 and so forth. 29 and under means u lost a space or spaces. U lost a space cause even though the story is not on the app anymore, it is STILL there, taking up space.

How do u feel? :slightly_frowning_face:

P.S Yes, I did send a ticket, but unfortunately the problem is still there and I know a few of my friends suffer from this. I’m sure many other do as well. I wish we could still be able to see the story there, but it would be unplayable, so we can at least remove it. OR we gain a space because we lost one. It may seem like I’m complaining too much about this, but trust me, losing 1 number can have a pretty big impact, especially when there’s a limit :sweat_smile:

This is not the first time this happened to me, I was at 30 in the beginning, but then I could only fit 28 stories for a long time because I lost 2 spaces, then one day the 2 stories appeared (but they were unplayable, Episode told me they’re banned) so luckily I got to remove them. Then I was back at 30 for a while. And now I’m at 29. Sigh


that is so annoying they should have a better system for that


:scream: what is this? They can’t do this​:persevere::persevere:

You have it too? Welcome the club then, where we call cry together but still continue to have fun on Episode :cry:

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I don’t think you are complaining too much about this, you are absolutely right. This is pretty annoying, especially since we have to remove one of our favourite stories every time we want to add a new one. We need those lost spaces!

By the way, did they reply anything to your ticket?

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Comment below how many stories you can fit in your recommended.

Can write this way if u want (an example):


Come on guys, let us fight for the spots in our recommended shelf that we lost :sunglasses:

Yes, this is so true!!! In matter of fact I didn’t even know we can go up too 30 :sob::sob:
13/30 rip, it only allows me this much

Oh my…13 is even worse :sob:

@episode please help us :sob:



oh my, 13? i think i still have 30/30, idk

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lucky :+1:

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OK so if you can fit 30 stories in your recommended, you’re lucky you got all spaces available so don’t worry however if you have 29 or less, feel free to comment on this thread so we can mourn together cries and then laughs like crazy :sob: :joy::rofl::crazy_face::rofl::joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sigh Hopefully we can all join forces and get any spaces we lost back :slight_smile:

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Bump, I reached my limit of 29 (would have been 30 but I lost a spot) :pleading_face: I will need to start removing stories to fit other ones, i don’t wanna do that but what I can do, 29 is too little :sob: I might need to use another account for story shoutouts or make a thread on the Forums :roll_eyes: :broken_heart:

P.S Everyone please support: FEATURE: Unlimited Stories I recommend :sad_panda: :cry:


Have you lost a space (or spaces) on your recommended shelf?

  • Yep : (
  • No : )

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Bump :pleading_face:


I don’t understand why there’s a limit period :joy:

And I don’t understand why we have to lose a space in our shelf, it’s not fair, the story’s gone but it’s still there, taking up space, it sucks and i wish it could at least appear loading blue with an X at the top so it could be removed and we can gain that space back :pleading_face: @Episode please help us :sad_panda:


Please support: FEATURE: Be Able To Remove Banned Stories 🍀 :wilted_flower:

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Bump :sob: