Have You Lost Space on Your Recommended Shelf? 🥺

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How do we add recommended story in the first place…i totally forgot

Every time I see this thread it makes me cry because I counted once and I didn’t have 30 spots…


In your profile, you have a plus sign. You click there and add your favourites to your recommendations, you can also search for other stories.

PS: It isn’t detailed that’s why I removed it :sweat_smile:


Here’s step by step instructions:

Limit = 30 as of January 2020 (less for some people)

I was going to write on the thread yesterday but was a bit tired (volunteered at the hospital and all that) :joy: Hope you find this helpful :rose:


OMG tjank u so much! This is totally haelpful since my fav shelf is full, i definitely need extra space from recommend shelf!

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No problem but @Nessya actually beat me to it, I was too tired yesterday to make a mini step tutorial so Nessya stepped in to help :yay: I PM’d her saying I was going to detail and all that then she edited her comment to remove her screenshot :sweat_smile: Nessya, put that screenshot back, 'tis very helpful, I appreciate it :chef: :blob_hearts:


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