Have you noticed that the staff sometimes ignore you too?

And if we aren’t allowed to talk about anyone who doesn’t have an account, we can’t talk about our favourite celebrities or anything because they don’t have accounts!


One thing is that there’s alot, of alot of rules. Like you can’t make one joke on here with out some random ass bitch flagging you, then after so many flags you get suspended or if you say something oFfEnsIve :roll_eyes:

  1. If it’s true, why not say it? And why are you not alowd to? It’s called free will, if I wanna say something I can, if some random person wants to say something they can. Like of I’m beong a b*tch and someone call’s me a bitch I need to get over it cause I was being a bitch and it was true, same goes for other people don’t say offensive shit to people if your gonna plat victim when they say something about you when it’s true. But then again never let anyone bully you.

  2. This is real life, it’s not like someone is gonna say something to you, you didn’t like in real life so your gonna get suspended from earth. That doesn’t happen in real life so like what’s the point?

*I’m not on here to cause dRaMa, I’m sharing my own opinion of this, I’m not saying I’m correct cause again it’s my opinion not any one elses. Sure some people will agree, but ofc there’s gonna be some offended random person So go ahead flag me. Lmao it’s a waist of your time. But hey it’s not my time. So go ahead and waist it on my opinion you didn’t like. Lol


So true! They’re stifling us and then they don’t even listen to concerns!

Sometimes I just come on here because I know which threads are going to be closed. You can’t criticise episode without them shutting you down. I’m disgusted!


You don’t know this. Beyonce could be walking amongst us as we speak. :joy::wink:


I hope I didn’t offend her! :weary::rofl:


We know what’s going to happen here! They’re going to close the thread and say if we have concerns, DM the staff or send a support ticket.

Then if I DM the staff, they’ll either be rude and dismissive or they just won’t reply.

If I send a ticket, they’ll be rude and dismissive.

Perfect tactic to shut people up!




:skull: well that’s sister crazy they help me out with anything I need, whether it’s why a post is flagged or a problem with another member.


Multiple accounts are not allowed
It is her own fault


Lol I always bring this up but apparently the mods “will never ignore us and they’re here to help”.

I remember one time I was ignored for 2 weeks and I was dm’ing them constantly, and apparently their excuse was that my issue was being dealt with another member of the staff and they didn’t bother telling me to dm that person.

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Weird, I never had a problem with them. They always replied to me when I messaged them, I was never ignored, but it’s different for everybody. Let’s not jump to conclusions, why not just ask them here instead of just talking?


Just as a data point: We cannot give you an answer about someone else’s account. As has been stated, the best we can do is look into it BUT… we are prohibited from giving you the results of that investigation. If you are having a problem with your own account or a problem that is about something that happened to you, that is different. For other people’s problems we are restricted for privacy reasons from discussing it with you. The rule applies across all possible questions that can be asked about a fellow player and their account.


Huh? I’m talking about someone who just didn’t want an account on here anymore not someone who had multiple accounts! She wanted to delete her account because she didn’t like being here anymore and it took them over a month to even acknowledge that she’d asked!

My question was never about what happened with the account. I’m asking if you can give the person concerned an answer. They still haven’t got one after 6 months and that’s just neglectful Arlene. You don’t need to tell me the reason, but at least tell them! Or let me know you’re going to tell them.

@Arlene You told me back in June that you’d email them personally and that didn’t happen

That’s none of your business.

Closed for the reasons listed below.

@SenchaStories Please refer to our typical standards and practices below.

As this is something that should be discussed with @Arlene directly as per both the forum rules and Moderator guidelines located here:


I have decided it would be best to close this thread. :v: