Have you or can you use Episode for school presentations?

Does using it for school presentations violate their guidelines? It’s the only way I know to use animations and stuff.


Honestly that’s a good idea but I’ve never seen or heard of anyone doing it


I did for one of my classes. It’s “multimedia” English and since Episode has sounds, animations, text, and such I used it for a project. I don’t know if it’s allowed in their guidelines but I don’t see why not?


nice! at least i wont be alone, thank you!

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You’ve actually brought up a pretty interesting point! :open_mouth:
Tbh, I’m not sure if that breaks any guidelines or anything but I’ve never thought to use Episode for school presentations. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea. :joy:

i have never used episode but i should :joy:

welcome to the community @jiroji ! :heart: :heart: