Have you seen YOU on Netflix?

Have you seen YOU on Netflix? If so what are your opinions on it? I LOVE IT!!! If you haven’t watched it yet do IT!
Here is a meme I made of it


My mom saw it. She said it’s amazing!


I saw it, but he’s a stalker and a murderer so I’d rather not

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I saw it, but the books are million times better :blush:

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I watched first 2 episodes, I couldn’t stop myself

I think it’s a very great thriller from stalkers perspective

I like the meme hahah


I’m about half-way through and I think it’s great. I’m a sucker for stories where the main character is actually the antagonist.

Has anyone read the book by Caroline Kepnes? It’s next on my reading list.


I did, it is way better than the show (and show is great) :blush: And there are 2 books, first is You and second is Hidden Bodies :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I heard about Hidden Bodies, from what I’ve seen people were kinda disappointed. I still wanna read it though, and I’m looking forward to Netflix building on the series.


Well honestly it gave me a different vibe than You, but it was good :smile: And well, Netflix kinda screwed the ending so I am curious how will they incorporate events from Hidden Bodies into the next season :thinking: if they will :smile:


Yeah…that might be interesting.
If they messed it up, there’s probably going to be a lot of plot holes.

I already had to suspend my disbelief for a few things for the Netflix series so I guess we’ll have to see.


It is just kinda gave me a different vibe I would say, the ending in book made more sense :woman_shrugging:t3: Plus Netflix added one thing in the end that wasnt in books, so thats what I am curious about :sweat_smile:


Love the show honestly and I love Joe honestly he’s just misunderstood and doesn’t know really. All he wants is love.

That’s a strange way of showing love… murder, stalking, manipulation? Doesn’t seem like he’s misunderstood, he seems messed up and needs some serious help…

In certain episodes and scenes in the season it seemed as if Beck was also showing some Joe like behavior. I was very surprised by the ending and ultimately thought that Joe and Beck would get together and be uhh…kinda crazy together.

Can’t really say Beck is too different though.

She did also stalk Joe, she lied to him several times.

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She is quite different, she may have some similarities, made some mistakes, but she didn’t kill anyone. It was a toxic relationship, they both made bad decisions, but at the end of the day, Joe was a horrible person, a murderer! That is the worst thing you can do! Even the actor that plays him said you should NOT defend him

No one is defending him, just trying to understand.

Joe had a pretty nice relationship with Karen -before Beck came in- that’s something to me.

Yeah, but it’s disturbing the large amount of people that defend Joe and make him seem like a great guy. He’s toxic and needs help.

I agree, but there’s more people who justify Beck’s behaviour because of Joe. She’s still toxic even if Joe killed someone, this isn’t “Who’s worse”. This is just, both are bad.

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Yeah, I agree.