Have you written a story that is inspired by your life or inspired by a true story?

You don’t have to let yourself be influenced by others. If you like making stories, just do it💜

I just need to know that I’m doing it right though

I always feel like I need to know that I belong or that someone is on my side

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No offence, but if you write to please others, you won’t get the reads, because the passion for the story isn’t there. If you can’t enjoy writing the story for yourself first, then there’s no point in writing it.


I just need to know that I’m doing it right though

I always feel like I don’t belong

I need to have the ‘backing’ or the ‘support’ of others to continue to write

I don’t feel like I had/have that, that’s why I discontinued all my old stories

Then honestly, it sounds like the writing isn’t your passion, the approval is what means the most to you, in which case you are likely to not complete a story if you keep giving up due to a lack of reads. If you are serious about writing and love it, then the other stuff shouldn’t matter so much :woman_shrugging:

anyway to remain on topic @Lucy.Dea have you written one inspired by your life? If you don’t mind me asking :slight_smile:

I’ve already completed a story

My very first short story

Part of a mafia series

I’m just waiting on it being shown off

It’s manuscripted on my laptop

Yes, it’s a bit inspired by my life, but I’ve added other things too…

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Yeah I think it’s a good idea to add something else in there too, so that it’s not strictly your life in story form :slight_smile:

Yes, I certainly don’t tell all my life in a story, but it’s just inspired by my life, I’ve added many other things and love interests

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Sounds good, is it released on episode? or still working on it?

I only published 3 episodes

Well that’s good though :slight_smile:

I would say not really about my whole life in general, but mostly based on typical emotions and feelings I had felt in a specific time period. Most of the ideas I have for my stories also come from dreams or random Déjà-vu‘s.

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That would be dreadfully boring for many people. Why would I do that? Lol


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m planning on doing one


I’ve been trying but my life is hella borimg so I might not do it


Good :blush:

No but my stories are always inspired by John Green, he is my favorite author. :heart:

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I tried to but failed