Have your male characters star in another Episode story!

Hey authors,

have you perhaps created a male greatness in one of your stories that you’d like to share in another persons story? That’s what I’m searching for. Send me your characters details (INK), tell me a little about his personality and we’re ready to go! You will of course be credited. Important: This is a real life gang story so I’m searching for people to resemble the people in the mc’s gang. Interested? pm your details to me an we’ll get to work!

luv, Ayleks

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I have two
Short Brown hair
Peach skin
Brown eyes
Short Blond hair
Green eyes
Peach skin

They are both bad boys
Thanks for asking :wink:

Skin color:Caramel
brow: Thin arch
Hair: Spiked up hair
Hair color: Chestnut
Eyes:Stoic almond
Eye color:Blue
Face shape:Defined triangle
Lip color:Blush