•||~~Havenfield Academy ~~ || ~RP~|| ~( Sign ups)~||•


Hey! Are there any spaces still open ( just checking cause I didn’t see any the F.C.) xx


There are lots of open spaces


I filled out the form :blush:


You can start rping I’ll finish your fc later


I never signed up for this and I don’t want to do it either?




Thank u


@LovingLostCities you can put Vio up for adoption or something. I’m not really feeling her. I’ve submitted a Faceclaim for a new character



I’m thinking about doing a time skip


I might not be able to come on this week/next week. I’m on vacation and my internet sucks.


@LovingLostCities Can I jump into the RP with Christian? Or do you want me to wait?


You can jump in :wink: