Having a character exit a scene after a choice was made

Hello everyone , my name is Lea and I am new here on episode . I am writing my first story and I am on the second episode however, I have an error in my script where I am unsure how to have a character leave the scene after a choice has been made . Can someone help me ?

Can you send a screenshot of the code that you used?

I can try to help you

Hi CassD,

I actually just figured out how to do it ! lol
But there is something else i had a question about , i haven’t written it in my script yet because when i tried it, the characters in my story looked weird. How do you position the characters correctly so that they hug and kiss properly? I don’t want it to look awkward it seems as if they weren’t faces the right way or in the correct positions for those animations to happen. So i just cut it out of my script. can you guide me on how to do that?

Yes that would be very helpful if you screenshot your script for me to see.
But to make them kiss or hug in a specific place would need spot direct them into place.
I can guide you, but I will also link a Joseph Evans video just in case.
link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRcpDdDN_9E