Having a glitch(?) crisis, please help.. idle_rear command isn't working

Here is my script

(We're not gonna be there.)

&MIA is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop
@zoom on 147 266 to 102% in 1

&EXTRA walks to spot 0.893 68 5 in 1 AND EXTRA does it while walk_neutral
&EXTRA2 walks to spot 0.845 148 64 in 1 AND EXTRA2 does it while walk_neutral
@pause for a beat
@EXTRA is idle_rear

It was working before I added &MIA is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop and then my character EXTRA didn’t preform their action. I was going to have both extras turn idle_rear but only one can. I tried almost everything I could think of, they either slide in already in rear position or one turns rear (I needed EXTRA2 to turn right first before they turned rear also and when I add for them to turn right then idle_rear they only turn right, and if I get rid of the “turns right” command and just put idle_rear they don’t even do the command. Also if I don’t add pause for a beat then EXTRA ends up sliding into the scene facing rear when I use & because I wanted the whole transition to be smooth but it’s not.

Did you try using THEN

&EXTRA walks to spot 0.893 68 5 in 1 AND EXTRA does it while walk_neutral THEN EXTRA starts idle_rear

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You can also try this way.

Of course, close the space between the @

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I totally forgot about the THEN command :joy: thank you guys! And @LOONA they both turn rear now!

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No problem, love! Happy writing :blob_hearts:

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