Having a male MC in episode


Is it weird to have a male MC


Your poll doesn’t work. To answer your question, no it’s not. :slight_smile:


Not at all, if they story fits a Male MC. Some stories are just better suited for a male one than a female one. In that case, I would much rather read as a male despite not being one.


I don’t think it weird, no.
The reasons there’s so few I think is due to mostly females reading and writing stories on episode and as a girl/woman/ female it’ tends to be harder to write from a males perspective. The lack of knowledge and self experience playing in as a factor.
But most stories have some storyline from a males perspective, even if he seldom is the lead character.
But if you feel up to having a male MC then I say go for it.



Of course not! Go for it! :slight_smile:
We need more more of these!