Having A Problem With Hair Script! HELP

I’m trying to write a story and i went online to copy and paste a hair and lip template. However when i try to save the script, it says that certain hairstyles “dont exist” i dont know what to do. any help?

Change the name to your character name

Here’s instructions from the wonderful @ Dara.Amarie on how to do that:

I’ve already done that and it still says the style doesnt exist

Are you using the correct template in your story? If you’re using an INK template in a limelight story (and vise versa), you will get those errors saying things don’t exist.

The same thing happened to me with the create your own dressing game template, and I couldn’t find a template for INK

My create your own outfit template works for any style. You just have to change the animations and that’s it.

A CC template cannot work with different styles because each style has a different set of hairstyles, face shapes, lip colors, etc.

Ohhh I get it. Yeah, I kept getting errors and I thought I changed all the animations but I must have just missed one.

Yes, i have been using the limelight template. I eventually just decided to delete the whole cc but now i want the reader to customize a love interest and its doing the same thing with the skin tones.