Having an Issue with a story



I am having a trouble with one story that I used to read on episodes. Can anybody help me out?

So… This story called COMPLICATED wasn’t been uploaded since long. And I probably reported the story and it has been removed from my app. How am I supposed to get it back?


U have to search for the story in the search page


I did. But I cannot open the story and read it again. As soon as click the play option … it just brings me back to my home page. @Forever1201


Maybe if u close the app fully n open the app again it will help


I literally uninstalled the app and installed again. Just to check! But still nothing. I don’t know what to do. The author has recently realised some episodea and I can’t even read the story.


Before clicking play, try to see if u can do sum


Episode might have had an update so if you report an episode story you can’t watch it? Sorry I don’t know


Moved to Report a Bug Mobile App. :wink:

@Skd , have you sent in a ticket concerning this issue after the story was removed from your app? :wink:


I did report to support@episode but I haven’t received any solution.


Thanks for responding! :smiley: Turns out that this inability to access the story is because it was reported. Once a story is reported, any attempt to read it will cause the app to crash back to home. It is an intentional function of the app. If you send a ticket to the support team, they’ll be able to answer your questions concerning this. :wink:

Moved back to Episode Fan Community since it’s not a bug.


Well… I understood that Caz I tried a lot of things to be able to read the story. Is there Annnyyy way I can take that report back ???


I would suggest submitting a ticket and asking them that. :wink: