Having an issue with animations over dialogue

For a while now I’ve had an issue where I can’t have my characters animated while they talk. In the gude it says to use the following format:

EMILY (talk_excited)
You’re awake!

but whenever I try this it gives me a script error, so I’ve been using the following

@EMILY is talk_excited
You’re awake!

but then the animation happens before the script, i.e. they are not simultaneous.

What am I doing wrong???

Can you post a screenshot of your script with that error? You shouldn’t be getting any errors unless there’s a problem with your script somewhere else.

Also, for this to work, you have to either change “is” to “starts” or change the @ sign to the & sign.

It gives me an error if I use ‘starts’ instead of ‘is’ too ><

Can you please post a screenshot of your script

Oh now it’s stopped doing it. Typical. I’ve been trying to get it to work for weeks. As soon as I post about it, it stops. Blegh. I;m sure thing thing just likes messing with me.

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