Having an issue with my story in app?


I noticed this a week or so ago but I went to read my story to check for errors and such. When the story loaded it actually loaded like I was a reading someone else’s story. It charged me a ticket for it. It only happens if I go through the create a story section on my phone. If I go to my profile, I can access the test story. It’s weird.


Do a help ticket. I’ve never had that issue before, I’m so sorry.


It’s okay. I might do that. It really didn’t bother me when it happened but I should probably get that error fixed.


Alright! Hopefully it doesn’t take an eternity for your ticket to get read if you do send one.


Thank you! I hope it doesn’t either!


They know about that happening. They pretty much said that if you read the story from anywhere else but the create page then it will charge you. Make sure when testing your story you see the little eye icon at the very top of the right hand corner.
@Jeremy I just wanted to tag you because I wasn’t sure if anyone else had this issue but this is what custoner service from episode said to me.

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