Having beta readers?


My story is not ready yet, but I was wondering how people show their unpublished stories to beta readears without giving them their password?? Cause I sure wouldn’t want risking to lose my account! :slight_smile: If you know please tell me because once I finish a few chapters I’d love to have someone reviewing it for me.


People can beta read your story without giving them your password. You just send them the share link and then they can read it on the app. :slight_smile:

You can check my review thread out for a beta read/review:


If you want I can review the story for you… I have done beta reading for others and I can do it for you too… If you want… You just have to send the link of you story… You can find that option at the bottom of the page where you create and publish your story…


Thank you so much for your help :blush:


I’m still writting the first chapter :slight_smile: but when I’m done I’ll send you, Thank you!


I will be happy to help…


You’re welcome. :grin: