Having character enter with readers choice



I want my character to come on at the beginning of a new episode with an outfit that my reader chose. So if they chose outfit one I want my character to enter with outfit 1 and if they chose outfit 2 i want my character to enter with outfit 2. I cant tell what ny readers choose. I can tell them before each chapter starts to choose the outfit they chpse last time but i also gotta do hair changes. Surely there is a much smoother way to have a character enter a new outfit in the outfit the reader chose instead of saying "choose the outfit you chose previously’ for each chapter

could someone tell me how please???


You use gains.

All explained here:


I noticed that when a character changes clothes it remains the same until he/she changes again, and the same goes for customization. I have an episode where the MC has a dressing choice at the end of chapter, then I didn’t use any gains and she is still wearing the same outfit in the next episode (at least that’s what I see in the preview). I tested it with other choices and it worked. Am I doing something wrong?


You aren’t doing anything wrong :slight_smile: The gains give you the chance to remember a choice if you need too. I suggest using gains because it eliminates any chances of issues.


OK, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


How do you not make characters just pop out of the screen?
please help!!
from, Avis Pond


Well, to make the characters pop out, you have first the character on screen, then, to make it disappear, put again the background but without the character and without any transition so…

@CHARACTER stands screen center (For example)
@transition fade in black 2.0
@pause for 3
BACKGROUND (Make sure to put the same background)
@pause for 3


You can also remove your vharacter directly using the comand @remove CHARACTER