Having Difficulty in making new outfits

Hey people!
i am having difficulty in changing hairstyles of characters while making new outfits… Like when i add a new outfit, i make sure to change hairstyle first and then save it, but when i check that outfit later on, only outfit stays the same but hairstyle changes back to the default one.

Can anyone please give your opinion for this. Thank you.

Hairstyle change isn’t included in creating outfit. It’ll be always default for every character.
So you create a separate outfit and then you change the hairstyle by:
a. adding template for hairstyle and letting reader choose it (for example for MC and LI)

b. changing it yourself by coding: @CHARACTER changes hair into Name Hair
for example: @MC changes hair into Straight Medium
c. changing it yourself by coding command: preview
@CHARACTER previews hair Name Hair
@CHARACTER unpreviews hair Name Hair