Having issue uploading a background

Hey :wave: so, I was searching for a car seat background that I need for my story for weeks and I finally found one on Episode Life, but when I’m trying to submit it for review it says that the dimensions aren’t right. But I think that there shouldn’t be a problem cause it was in episode life’s background category, thus the dimensions were probably already checked. Does anyone know what I can do or where can I find a background that will actually work? :sweat_smile:

Try resizing your background here :point_down:

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Thank you :blush: I tried it but it turns out like this :confused:

Ok, you can look up @amepisode drive. I think she has this kind of backgrounds :thinking:

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Try this one:

Yup, I have these, day and night, 1 zone and 2 zone versions and matching overlays :kissing_heart:

Thanks :blush: I will

Oh that’s great you are a lifesaver :grin: could you tell me where can I find them? And if I use them I credit you?

There’s a link to my drive either here on my forum profile or on my Instagram profile (same username) there’s details there on how to credit :kissing_heart:

I usually use this image resizer. Works like a charm for me.

Hey, I tried to download it but it gives me an error that I’m not authorised to access the download

Thanks a lot but I’m finding working with a lot of overlays too much of a struggle.Thanks a lot though :purple_heart: :dizzy: :crescent_moon:

Oh nevermind, I figured it out. It’s currently under review, thank you so much for your help :blush:

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