Having overlay problems

So my overlays isn’t going where i want them to go

INT. MODERN KITCHEN - DAY with MODERN KITCHEN COUNTER at layer 2 with COFFEE at layer 3 with FOOD EGG at layer 3 with PANCAKES at layer 3

@cut to zone 2

@zoom reset

@overlay 6404409773916160_COFFEE shifts to 146 178
@overlay 6404409773916160_COFFEE scales to 0.064 0.064

@overlay 6404409773916160_FOOD EGG shifts to 81 174
@overlay 6404409773916160_FOOD EGG scales to 0.028 0.028

@overlay 6404409773916160_PANCAKES shifts to 239 175
@overlay 6404409773916160_PANCAKES scales to 0.208 0.208

There all ending up in zone 1
I’m so confused

Add in zone 2 (what I bolded) to the shifts to command for each overlay. If no zone is mentioned, they default to the first one.


Thank you so so much your a lifesaver

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I am having MAJOR overlay problems and it’s driving me absolutely nuts.
I’ve been trying to figure this out for nearly 2 hours.

I’m new and I’ve been trying so hard to figure this out.
I’ve watched the tutorials, read anything I could find.
And when I think I’m doing exactly what’s being shown to me it still doesn’t work!!

All i’m trying to do is add a book overlay. that’s literally it. and i’ve tried EVERYTHING


@overlay TEXT BOOK OPEN NAVY BLUE create
@overlay TEXT BOOK OPEN NAVY BLUE opacity 1 in 10

it’s not showing up in the preview.
not even the coordinates is showing under the preview.

please… please please help someone!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

This is a prop name. Did you download the prop image and upload it as your own overlay, or are you trying to use a prop as an overlay?

i’ve been trying to use the prop… as an overlay… they’re different?

im a noob im sorry :sweat:
what do i do? :sweat_smile:

Yes, props and overlays are 2 different things. Props are objects that get added onto a character for certain animations, like the cup prop can be added to a character for the drinking animation.

Overlays are images that can be added to the scene where you can animate them (change it size, shift it across the screen, rotate it).

Here’s a guide for overlays.

Here’s a guide for props.

Here’s how you can upload your own overlays.

Here’s how you can upload a prop as an overlay:

Upload props as overlays:

  1. Click on the eye image next to the prop name to preview the prop.
  2. Images of the prop will pop up for both male and female.
  3. Right click on either image.
  4. Click on “Save as…” to download the prop image.
  5. Upload the image as an overlay.

Oh my god you are a lifesaver!!

Thank you so much. I’m gonna give it a try.
You really have helped me so much I truly appreciate it :smile:

Stay healthy :two_hearts:

Do you have to wait for the image to be reviewed even though it’s an Episode image?

Yes all images that you upload yourself has to be reviewed and approved.

Thank you again :blush: :two_hearts:

hey i also have a overlay problems, if you could help it would be so much appreciated.
so on my laptop everything is good but in the preview on my phone it doesn’t move and they are not at the good place.

thank you in advance!


@cut to zone 1

@ELIJAH moves to layer 1
@BRENDA moves to layer 2

@overlay CAR SIDE BROWN shifts to -260 -35 in zone 1
@overlay CAR SIDE BROWN scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay CAR SIDE BROWN moves to layer Max Layer
&ELIJAH spot 1.037 122 -100 and ELIJAH faces right
@BRENDA spot 1.111 177 -137 and BRENDA faces right

@NAMEF spot 1.056 281 9 in zone 1
@NAMEF moves to layer 2