Having sociopathic behavior in my story


I’m writing the story where the LI is a killer and a sociopath, meaning he has no remorse or guilt of what he has done. MC and he end up meeting in a sophisticated ball -for some reason?- MC is not interested obviously so is LI, after that they meet again due to fate (?) and MC saves herself from getting robbed and she does it with violence and she enjoys it, our LI is now interested in her.

Is this romanticizing? I have zero intention of doing so.


Yeah lol but when does this story come out?:smile:

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in 2 weeks i guess

Can’t wait, wait can u pm when it comes out? Or something??

Sure! Thank you for taking interest in my story :smile:

Np and thanks for the upcoming story :slightly_smiling_face:

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I watched a video stating that sociopaths actually do these things out of a twisted beliefs system.

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Maybe they justify what they’re doing in their mind? :thinking:

if MC isn’t interested in LI and as long as you don’t idolize LI’s behavior, I think you’ll be fine


One person said that it isn’t that they don’t have any emotions, it is just that they CHOOSE not to have them. He didn’t say “they” tho, he said “we.”

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Interesting… I’ll have to watch a few documentaries, as I don’t want to repersent anyone falsely.

I’d suggest studying antisocial personality disorder before tackling this. Unless you don’t want it to be accurate and more, like, entertainment purposes. Then you’re probably fine to do whatever, honestly. People drink that shit up.

Again, romanticizing is showing bad situations/people/decisions without consequences. If you’ve got consequences for actions, cool. Otherwise, yeah, you’re portraying things in a ‘romantic’ way.


I’m a believer of karma. I do think that whatever we say will come to us. Whatever we do. In this case, our Love Interest, (?) Alan, will be damned :blush: