Having some Custom Background Issues


Hey everyone!
So I uploaded a background called EXT. WRITING ON WALL 2 -DAY (I accidentally put the dash like that but it’s fine) It was approved by episode so I started using it. One of my stories I have in both Classic and Ink. So I used this background for the ink version first and it worked perfectly, no issues at all. I even updated the story with it without a problem. Then I went to use it on the classic version and it keeps telling me there’s an error and that the background doesn’t exist. I’m just not sure where to go from here :confused: any suggestions on how to fix the problem would be much appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you ~


Ask @Dara.Amarie


Sometimes it’s just a glitch in which you have to close the tab and just reload the screen.


@brvnda I did try that too and it didn’t work :confused:
Not sure if I should just make a new background or what :sleepy:


You most likely have an error in your script before or after the background name.


screenshot your script