Having someone stand somewhere

How do I make someone stand somewhere without having them walk in?

Either use:
@/&CHARACTER stands screen center
@/&CHARACTER spot x y in zone # at layer #

For this you can use the code:
@CHARACTER stands (position) in zone (whatever zone)

You either make them stand in position:

@CHARACTER stands position in zone #
(you don’t have to write the zone)


screen center
screen right
screen left
upscreen right
upscreen left
back far right
back far left

(back far right/ left make the characters smaller)

or you spot them anywhere on the screen you want.


@CHARACTER spot scale x y in zone # at layer #

scale= the size of the character.

x= somewhere in the screen between left and right

y= somewhere in the screen from top to bottom.

zone+ you may already know that, if not, basically the area in the background that you can see at any time.
use either @cut to zone # or @pan to zone # in s (seconds) the “in s” not necessary.

layer= the layer your characters are at. Goes from 0 to whatever you want. (They say to 4, but that’s not true, I have already used like 30 all together)

You can find scale, x and y with the directing helper in the mobile/ web preview, when you preview your story, and copy the code to your script.

That’s the basics, there’s a lot more than that, you should read the guides, it explains most of it pretty good.
For what it doesn’t, you can always ask in the forums again!

@Graciee I hope this helps you!
Tell me if you have any questions!


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