Having trouble keeping your story moving and out of ideas 💡

The titles says it all. If u find it difficult to keep your story moving or out of ideas, just PM and I’ll assist you :blush:



I think I really need this. Do u have ig where we can talk at?

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IG doesn’t allow me to receive or send messages and I don’t know why so maybe will chat here.

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Oh, ya sure. We can talk here.

PM me

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what kind of story should I do cause idk I have no ideas

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It depends on what type of writer you are and what your skills are. I know that a lot of people right now are loving fantasy and romance. So if you want to get more reads I suggest picking one of those genres. But I repeat it just depends on what you are good at writing.

PM and we will figure out together :slightly_smiling_face:

hi Rody_writes can you help me with the script format.