Having trouble on customization template and twin template (limelight)

I am doing a story where there is cutomization characters. I want the character to look like the family, so I put the codes below so that they can have some of the features of the character but not the exact same features. I did that and there is this error that keeps popping up. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or what. I got my templates from here

Duplicate/Twin Template

Female Customization

And I know that I got the limelight template and made sure the character name was spelled correctly. I also read about the errors on the document. I have a picture below to show what is going. If I delete the eyebrow code, it will just keep doing the other ones like ( No eyesColor called Color exists).

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You have a duplicate thread here: Need help! emergancy! customization template to which I gave a response. Duplicate topics aren’t allowed but that’s OK, even I’m guilty of them accidentally :sweat_smile: Anyways, hope it helps and nice to meet you :heart:

You just wrote Color, but what happens is that there is no feature named just ‘Color’. What’s going to happen is that the computer will read your script and be like: whoa, hold up, I don’t know any eye/hair/whatever named Color, what now? :sweat_smile:

What you actually have to do and is also on Dara’s website, just click in this precise link to this info: https://www.dara-amarie.com/twins-family, is that you have to change the name of the color/feature (in your scenario, name of the color) at the same time that you’re letting your readers customize that exact feature. To do this you have to go to the part of the script where this happens. I took a print of my own script as I’m doing fake twins in my story and they have to keep some features the same. So I’ll explain to you with my example. :wink:

My twins are Bianca and Mia, and I allow the readers to customize Bianca (the main character), so, for Mia to have the same skin color, for example, I go to the part of the script where is coded the various options of skin colors for readers to choose from.

There you’ll see a repeating coding that appears always right after the color choices (in this case, Neutral 00):
@BIANCA changes bodyColor into Neutral 00

This means that Bianca will automatically change her skin color to the skin color named Neutral 00 (see, colors have their own names to be identified).

What you have to do is insert a similar code as you did with your character MOM but right after the main character customizing itself. Meaning, in my case you’d have to put @MIA changes bodyColor into Neutral 00 right after that exact command for Bianca.

The THING is…as you don’t know what color your reader will choose you basically have to repeat this process for every color you want them to have the same. I’ll leave my example on the print bellow, hope you got it <3 Anything else, just ask.