Having Trouble Remembering Choices

I don’t see what you changed ? :open_mouth:

Plus, when I do the point system, there is still this error message “unexpected block end”. And when I write @TRUST or INFORMATION, they want me to create a new character ?!

Just create the new character as it’s adding points TO characters and so you’ll need to create the characters, it’s hard to explain. I added an extra bracket that I forgot which explains you got the error previously. Can you send me a screenshot of your script so I can see exactly what the error is and what the script looks like? I’m sorry you’re experiencing so much trouble, it must be frustrating.

Maybe try adding:


At the end of the script because a script can’t end with a bracket.

I just tried the point system by adding @GREG +2 or +1.
When I test it on my phone, I played episde 4 and choose (trust) GREG+2 and when I played direcly episode 6, it did work.
But as a reader (I tried with my friend’s phone) … it didn’t work…

Can I see the rest of your consequences? I can try and read your story to see if it works for me.

It’s really nice fom you !<3
My story is Switch Psyche from Sicy ricci.
I checked all flags and everything is working fine for me… choices are remembered from chapter 4 to chapter 6… But from my friend’s phone, no :confused:

The first choice

The second choice

I really don’t understand tsk :woman_facepalming:

Yeah I don’t see anything wrong from the looks of it. I’m sure @Dara.Amarie could help when she has the time. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help! I home your problem gets resolved in the near future!

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how do you remember choices like for example going somewhere.

Here’s a guide on remembering choices:

Can you please fix my errors

“A,Gravity” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
A Gravity.

gain A, Gravity

“B, Centripetal” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
B Centripetal.

gain B, Centripetal

“C, Centrifugal” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
C, Centrifugal.

gain C, Centrifugal


@YOU is write_notepad

    YOU (write_notepad)
(An eletric bell rings while inside an enclosed glass jar. When the air inside the jar is pumped out.

    YOU (write_notepad)
(The sound becomes fainter and fainter until it is gone. On the basis of this one can conclude that:)

“A sound travels faster in the air than is glass” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
A sound travels faster the air than is glass

gain A sound travels faster in the air than is glass

“B sound does not travel in a vacum” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
B sound does not travel in a vacum.

gain B sound does not travel in a vacum

“C sounds travels faster in air than in a vacum” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
C sounds travels faster in air than in a vacum.

gain C sounds travels faster in air than in a vacum

“D sound does not travel in glass” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
D sound does not travel in glass.

gain D sound does not travel in glass


@JEZEL starts arms_crossed

    YOU (write_notepad)
One questions left! 

readerMessage 30 minutes have passed by.

@JEZEL starts write_notepad

    YOU (write_notepad)
Which of the following is not a discipline in chemistry.

“A, Organic.” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
A, Organic.

gain A, Organic

“B, Biochemistry” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
B, Biochemistry.

gain B, Biochemistry

“C, Molecular” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
C, Molecular.

gain C, Molecular

“D, Analytical” {

    YOU (write_notepad)
D, Analytical.

gain D, Analytical


    YOU (talk_exhausted)
Finally done.

Can you fix the errors that I did

Fix your gain names so that there are no spaces or special characters.

so for example gainA,Gravity

gain A_gravity

oh ty

it says that gain A_sound travels faster in the air than is glass is an error how is that an error?

Every space needs to turn into an underscore or just completely remove all spaces.