Having Trouble Staying Motivated

Hey, there. I am writing my new episode story, and I am finding it difficult to stay motivated.

Anything that can help the weight off my shoulders?


I think there are two ways to fight this:
(1) keep writing through the demotivation, at some point you’ll get that spark back;
(2) take a break from writing in general -and come back when you feel like it- or just from that specific story -focusing on another story might help your motivation


Man, I feel you. I’ve been trying to write my story for over a year now lol. With school and work, it’s been hard to find time to work on it, plus when I’m exhausted from loads of homework or a stressful shift, I sometimes just don’t have the energy to work on it.

Lately, I’ve found that writing a scene and stopping every so often to watch Youtube or scroll through social media (or the forums :sweat_smile:) for awhile helps me. I basically trick my brain into thinking I’m too unfocused and go back to writing. On the days I’m really not feeling it and I have zero motivation, I’ll read books and go on Netflix to find shows and movies that have a connection or similar theme to my story (romance, drama, high school based, etc). That usually inspires me to write. And if that doesn’t work, then I’ll add songs to my story and character playlists. (I recommend doing this, but obviously you don’t have to. I just find it helpful to get into my character’s head(s), and sometimes it inspires me to write.)

I don’t want to sound discouraging after the advice, but I’ve gone days, weeks, and even a few months at a time without opening the portal at all. I think taking a break is good every once in awhile, so you can focus your attention on friends and family and the outside world. And like @EtherealWitch said, write when you’re least motivated. It personally doesn’t really work for me, but maybe while you’re trying to write, something will come to mind and drive you to keep going. :blush:


I think that you should think about why you are unmotivated first. Do you still want to write this story? If yes then think about the details of the story and decide if you still feel passionate about it.


If you wanna feel motivated while writing a story you can try listening to some relaxing music, eat your favorite snack or watch any video while writing a story.
But if that doesn’t work try taking a break from that story and maybe you will be motivated once you clear your head and mind


Some already gave great advices. But I would like to share something too.
I have published my story, its my first story and the thing that demotivated me was ‘no enough reads’. I thought of giving up. Then I thought why should I give up?? Actually I started writing on this platform because I loved writing it and I wrote it just for my personal happiness

After Two days of publishing my story, I got reads and I was happy but after that no reads at all.

See, what I am trying to say is just “chillax”
If you feel demotivated then the best option is to stop writing and take a break and just read other stories available on episodes I am telling you this will motivate you as hell.
And try to be connected with the platform on Instagram, Facebook, or any other way because seeing those things will you want to write more and more

I hope this small piece of mine helped you :blush:

I personally struggled with this… here are a few of my tips

  • Write about something that is interesting TO YOU - I was trying to write one of those cliche mafia stories :face_vomiting: no offense thinking that I would get readers but I never even wrote a full episode :joy: So I actually brainstormed another unique and fun story that I liked and I am going to publish it fairly soon
  • Don’t try to do too advanced directing right off the bat - I used to read stories by Ora and Georgia Sanders (all of those authors) and see their AMAZING directing hi if you guys see this I love you :star_struck: and I thought that is what I should have been doing, so I stressed SO MUCH over directing that I was really new to and still learning.
  • Don’t compare your story to others - yeah similar to the last one but thats in the whole. You want to have a story that is different and unlike the others, so don’t think that your story should
  • Don’t over analyze how many reads you are getting- I know from experience how stressful this can be, but this is probably my biggest tip. Sure, if you aren’t getting many reads, then try to improve and figure out how to make your story even better, but don’t just write for a number of reads. Getting noticed takes a lot of time and effort, and it sometimes doesn’t work out, but that isn’t why you should be writing.

Hope that helped :smile:

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That is also another really good tip :joy: definitely take breaks from time to time

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