Having trouble with coding, can someone help me please?

Hi! So, this is the coding I’m having trouble with:

@YOUNGER SHALYA spot 0.660 122 119 in zone 1 AND YOUNGER SHALYA is run_super_speed_loop AND YOUNGER SHALYA enters from left to screen left

This was working when coded differently, and I’m trying to code it so my character Shalya is the height 0.660 while doing the animations run_super_speed_loop while entering from left to screen left

She does all of this but the spot is not shown or the animation, she just walks to screen left. Can someone help me code this so it does all of this at the same time?

Thanks for any and all help!

You need to have walk to spot.

add THEN instead of AND for the second line

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You have to spot her offscreen with the height first, then have her walk to the spot onscreen.

@YOUNGER SHALYA spot 0.660 -100 119 in zone 1
@YOUNGER SHALYA walks to spot 0.660 122 119 AND YOUNGER SHALYA does it while run_super_speed_loop

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It’s not working, she entered from the right and got smaller to be her correct spot and the got big and enter from the left to screen left

Thank you, it’s working now!

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