Having trouble with my overlay need help?

I have put overlays in for text messages and I’m having a problem the first one wouldn’t fit in my cell phone background when I resized so reuploaded them smaller but when I’m in preview mode trying to resize them they go off the screen to quickly how do I fix this problem?

You can add pauses with the command:
@pause for a beat

Well i do have some put in but it’s not enough can I put a timer in if so how i just need something long enough so i can fix the size?

Instead of using @, you can try using ‘&’ for some commands to make them do things at the same time. Also, at the start of a scene you can size overlays, for example:

INT. MY BEDROOM - DAY with OVERLAY to x y z…

Ok, I will try it thanks for the tips.

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Just put
If you need time to move your overlays. Or @pause for 10000000 or something

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Please let us know if this worked. Thanks!

Yes, It did work but I have another problem I changed the scale of my overlay and it worked but when it loads it starts on the side it was on then quickly shifts to what I scaled it to how do I fix that?

Put the overlays with the background and just toggle with the opacity -
INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY1 to x y z in zone # at layer # with OVERLAY2 to x y z in zone # at layer # (etc for however many text overlays you have)
&overlay OVERLAY1 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay OVERLAY2 opacity 0 in 0

X is the scale
Y/Z are the shift spots
Opacity 1 is visible. Opacity 0 is invisible. Just switch it to 1 when you need it to show :slight_smile:

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