Having trouble with remembering past point choices!

So basically at the beginning of my story the player must answer three questions, if they get more than 2 wrong they get the “hard challenge,” if they guess over 2 correct they get the “easy challenge.” Later in the episode I’m adding a scene that the player gets depending on which challenge they got (so if they got the hard challenge they get one scene, if they got the easy challenge they get the other). My problem here is that I’ve got the code all written and I don’t see a problem, but I keep getting the “unexpected block end” code. Here’s what I have:

if (TREVOR < 2) {
} else {

That seems correct but could you post a screenshot of your script so we can understand what’s happening better?

Dialogue is a rough draft but here’s the whole thing.

I could be wrong but you need like a transition or pause, you can’t just have the background by itself on line 729

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Thank you so much that worked!!

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