Having trouble with the narrator bubble


hey, how can I make the narrator talk while the character is still moving? trying to do a forest looping running scene and I want her to keep running while the narrator line shows up


You can use the & sign in replace of the @ sign, or you can use the word “starts” instead of “is”

&CHARACTER is animation

@CHARACTER starts animation


yhanks, I just tried it, but as soon as I go to the next line my character stops running… I want her to move through all of the narrator’s text, am I doing something wrong?


What does your script look like? If you have them do a running animation, they should continue to run on a loop.


@character enters from right to screen center AND character is run_casual

@character starts run_casual
Dialogue (she is still running here)
Second dialogue line (not running anymore, frozen at the running position but nothing is moving)


Ah that’s an animation issue. The run_cry and run_casual don’t loop for some reason. Try using the run_athletic or run_neutral, those one loop.


omg thank you so much!! It’s been messing with me for hours now!


No problem :slight_smile:


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