Having trouble writing each episode?


I have my entire story planned out, all of my characters are thorough and developed and I’m ready to write! The problem is… I have a lot of trouble with actually writing. I don’t know what to have happen in each episode while pacing my story. I read other stories and I always wonder how authors write so much. Any tips for how to add enough information for each episode?


just slowly introduce them through out the first few chapters


Make a bullet list of the key plot points/events.
Divide them up by chapters. If one chapter seems a bit short, then move one more key event from the next chapter into the current one (and redistribute the remaining plot events again if you need or want to).

Similarly if you feel like a chapter is getting too long, move the last key event to the start of the next chapter.

Here’s an example from one of my own stories of what I mean:

Chapter 1:
• MC meets (Character 1) on plane.
• Arrives at destination.
• Finds sister’s house trashed and empty.
• Tries to go to police, stopped by (Character 2).
Chapter 2:
• Checks into a hotel.
• Meets (Character 1) again.
• Decides to rescue sister with (Character 2).
• Tries to convince (Character 2) to let her help.
Chapter 3:
• Speaks with (Character 2’s) contacts in the police force.
• Finds evidence of who may have taken your sister.
• Infiltrates the suspect’s estate to find more evidence.

And it goes on like that. Some of these events I know for a fact will be shorter than others (like meeting a character for the first time vs. infiltrating an estate) so I already have some chapters with more bullet points than others.
Hope that helps a bit!


Thank you soooo much! This really helped me a lot :yellow_heart:


Hope it makes it easier on you. :slight_smile:
Since you already have your whole story planned out, it should be pretty easy for you to reduce it down to the most important plot-related events. And if you ever get stuck, feel free to hit me up! I usually find discussing things with someone helps me get unstuck.


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