Having Two Characters Slam Against Something

In my story, there is a scene where I want one of the characters to slam the other against the wall to corner them. I’ve been using the command to move characters to different spots but they don’t move at the same time and the one character ends up facing forward until they’re both in the spot I want. It all looks very sloppy and I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it in other stories. I just don’t know where I’m going wrong and any help would be appreciated.

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Have you used & instead of @

Yes I have and it didn’t fix the issue or make it that much better

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Have you tried the @ cause that’s what I use to make characters do something at the same time

Oh picture of your script

This is what I currently have:
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.272 222 497 in 4 AND CHARACTER does it while hug_rear AND CHARACTER walks to spot 0.317 212 486 in 3 AND CHARACTER does it while scream

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Cut it off after the first and, and do the second character separately and try with @ and &

They still aren’t in sync and the one ends up facing the screen while the other is still moving.

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you have them walking at different times


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