Having writers block


I am wanting to write a romance story called Until I met him but i just cant seem to come up with how to start


Do you know the storyline, a basic outline of what you want to happen in your story? :thinking:


Yesbi want it to be about agirl trying to have a successful career but missing out on love until she meets this guy that catches her eye


Usually a good way to start a story is to have a flashback or to introduce characters?


Thats what i get stuck on flashbacks and character intros


What exactly are you stuck on, you don’t know how to introduce characters?


Yes i know how to do that im just stuck on what to make the intro flashback about.


Hm, maybe talk about her career, and introduce her as this high flying business woman and then bring it to the actual start of the storyline. I don’t know, just an idea.


Thanks for your help


No problem, good luck! :grin: